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Dissolution of Marriage

It can be tough to work through all of the paperwork and legal hurdles that a divorce entails. As an experienced family lawyer, I can represent you in and out of court during your divorce so you can be sure you get a fair settlement and so you know everything is filed and handled with care and expertise.
If you are considering getting a divorce in Florida, you need a family lawyer who will protect your children, your property, and your rights. It’s an extremely difficult time in your life and tough to make decisions. We understand and care about our clients and provide a professional and dedicated approach to filing for divorce and communicating with you every step of the way. Our passion to protect your parental rights and financial assets is what motivates us.


If you have the ability to love a child, to provide the basis for a child and to make a lifelong commitment, you can be an adoptive parent. An Attorney like us can help you to pass the complicated requirements of the process but don't worry, attorney fees and court costs may be reimbursed by the state. Other one-time-only expenses that may be reimbursed are birth certificate fees and travel expenses for visiting the child. To be eligible to adopt one of Florida's children, you may be married or single, already a parent or never a parent, in your 60s or in your 20s, an apartment renter or a homeowner, a person of modest means or wealth. The fact is that there is no one description of people who can be prospective adoptive parents. Call us.

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